Zero Energy Ready Home – Learn The Benefits

Benefits of a Zero Energy Ready Home.

Earn energy credits instead of paying a utility bill. Breathe fresh air 24/7. Combat climate change. And enjoy a durable home designed to withstand the test of time. 

Sounds like the life, right? 

Anyone has an incentive to live in a zero energy ready home. Benefits abound. And since zero energy home builders have been making lots of advancements, living in a renewable energy home will only get more attractive. 

This article details all the benefits you can enjoy with a zero energy ready home. 

The Financial Benefits of Zero Energy Ready Homes

Many homebuyers have been hesitant to purchase net zero homes out of fears costs are too high. But remember: a home purchase is an investment. And renewable energy homes deliver great return on that investment over time. 

First, consider the tax incentives. Many utility companies, local governments, and state governments offer financial and tax incentives for building and buying net zero homes. This can lower the cost of materials significantly. 

To look for financial incentives in your area, check the US Department of Energy’s Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE). 

For example, if you want to build or buy a zero energy ready home in Florida, you won’t have to pay property taxes for a period of time. Florida offers a 100% residential property tax exemption for eligible renewable energy homes. Think of how much money that saves you!

Second, consider your energy savings. US households spend an average of $111 per month on their electric bill. If you can get your energy bill down to a fraction of that, you can save more than $1,000 per year with a net zero home. You may even be able to produce more energy than you consume, which would enable you to earn money or energy credits. As traditional energy prices rise, your savings will only increase (because you have a renewable energy home!).

Third, consider the durability of the home. To qualify as a zero energy ready home with the Department of Energy, you must meet strict requirements when it comes to appliance standards, building materials, and construction quality. With high-quality, durable housing, you can save on future upkeep and repairs. 

For instance, for a medium-sized non-renewable energy home, maintenance costs can easily run you $2,000 per year. With a net zero home, you could reduce those maintenance costs by more than $1,000 per year (thanks to better bones). 

Finally, upfront costs aren’t so high. Zero energy ready home builders have boosted efficiency and lowered costs. Many net zero home builders have low entry prices, like Brite Homes, a leading zero energy home builder in Florida. Brite Homes has zero ready energy homes starting at just $199,900

The Lifestyle Benefits of

One of Brite models outside photo.

One of Brite’s Net Zero Homes in Florida

Net Zero Homes

When homebuyers hear zero energy homes, they may think they have to sacrifice comfort to conserve energy at home. But that’s not the case. You won’t freeze during winter or burn up during summer!

Zero energy ready homes have made incredible advancements since energy efficiency became a trend. Living green means no longer sacrificing lifestyle. 

As required by the Department of Energy, zero energy ready homes must feature:

  • High levels of insulation
  • High-performance windows
  • Air-tight construction
  • Super-efficient HVAC systems
  • ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, fans, equipment, and lighting 

This guarantees rooms stay at a desired temperature and you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues. Since appliances, materials, design, and build meet the highest standards, the likelihood of having to endure no AC, a leaky roof, or some other issue decreases drastically. This saves you a lot of headache and discomfort, as well as time and money. 

“Living green no longer means sacrificing style. For example, at Brite Homes, we offer the highest standards of energy-efficient homes at affordable prices. Our homes showcase the latest energy-saving solutions while being convenient, comfortable, luxurious, and sustainable,” describes Robert Kociecki, President of Brite Homes, a leading net zero home builder in Florida

Net zero homes also keep the living environment in an excellent, safe condition, with features like advanced air filtering. Your lungs, heart, and other parts of your body won’t come into contact with dangerous particles that can harm your health. 

For example, zero energy ready homes feature comprehensive water protection, reducing the potential for mold or decay from trapped moisture. Not only does that ensure the home will last longer, but also that you can breathe healthy, clean air. 

Moreover, air-tight construction, high-performance windows, and lots of natural lighting make the home difficult to enter for intruders. You can also easily integrate any home surveillance system to enhance safety features. 

Modern energy-efficient homes also showcase the latest technology, from advanced solar panels and wind turbines to smart home automation and energy-efficient appliances. This keeps you safe and comfortable. Even if the grid goes down, advanced home batteries can even be integrated with rooftop solar panels to store electricity and guarantee continuous power.

With a technologically-advanced home, you can conserve the most energy possible and enjoy greater interior comfort and convenience. This makes managing your residence easier and ultimately gives you more time and money to enjoy life.

To summarize, net zero homes offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, safety, and function. They’re also future-ready, technologically-advanced, and built to withstand the test of time. Zero energy homes offer maximum longevity, which gives you a place your family can call home for generations. That should give you peace of mind. 

The Investment Benefits of Net Zero Homes

As governments, institutions, businesses, and people continue to combat climate change, zero energy ready homes will only become more popular. Given the financial and lifestyle benefits net zero homes provide, it’s not surprising that they’re one of the best real estate investments out there.

If you’re worried about resale value as a homeowner, zero energy homes can alleviate your concerns. A report from the Rocky Mountain Institute found that the benefits of net zero homes cover the extra costs after 7-14 years, depending on where you live. 

For instance, if you buy a net zero home in San Francisco, it would take 7.8 years for that zero energy investment to pay off. In Chicago, it would take 11.7 years. 

Considering that’s not a long time when it comes to homeownership, it’s easy to see why net zero homes have become so desirable. No wonder they’ll sell for a 5-10% premium in comparison to energy-hungry homes in the same neighborhood. 

The value of a net zero home will only grow in coming years. 

“Beginning in 2023, home appraisers will start to appraise the energy efficiency of homes, which will have a significant financial impact to the value on NON-energy efficient homeowners. Home appraisal experts tell us the appraised value difference could be 10-15%. For a home valued at $250,000, that’s nearly $40,000,” states Kociecki.

Every day we see more and more evidence local and state governments are demanding we incorporate more renewable energy into our lives. Florida is writing legislation to be 100% renewable in 2050, and by 2030, 40%. Knowing what we know now, why would anyone consider not purchasing a home using 100% renewable energy? Why buy a home that will be obsolete in ten years?”, adds Kociecki

Enjoy the Benefits of Net Zero Homes Today

From lower utility bills to a healthier environment to better resale value, zero energy ready homes offer a myriad of financial and lifestyle benefits. Since a home is the most important investment you could ever make, it makes sense to go with the best. A net zero home is suitable for any homebuyer. 

The good news is this: zero energy home builders have made ownership of a net zero home more possible than ever. At Brite Homes, we have lots of available net zero homes ready for a new owner. Could that be you? 


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