Learn What We Offer at Brite Homes

What We Offer at Brite Homes

At Brite Homes, we take our mission seriously: We aim to make green living affordable, stylish, and comfortable. 

In 2018, we began our journey as we started building green homes. Today, we’ve become one of the leading net zero home builders in Florida. From Palm Coast to North Port, we’re constructing energy-efficient homes and making communities more sustainable. 

With nearly 100 homes under construction and more than 360 with building permits, we believe we’re on our way to fulfilling our mission. Even better, our homes start from the low $200,000s—making them affordable for many households.

With Brite Homes, living green no longer means paying a fortune or sacrificing style. We deliver optimal efficiency with all the modern conveniences and luxuries. 

The Brite advantage

Outside photo of a Brite home with solar.

Our zero energy homes embody the Brite lifestyle: convenient, luxurious, and sustainable. With all our net zero home, you’ll enjoy savings, comfort, and peace of mind for decades. 

Our future-ready homes are: 


Check out our large selection of net zero homes in Florida. You can buy a home for as low as $228,000. That’s lower than the median home value in Florida, which is $246,000 (Zillow). Other net zero homes start at much higher prices, typically between $350,000-$450,000. 

Not only is your upfront investment reasonable, but also you won’t have to pay much for utilities. Based on average residential electricity consumption, homeowners can save more than $1,400 per year on energy with solar energy. 


Living green doesn’t mean roughing it in a treehouse! Our zero energy homes feature gorgeous hardwood flooring, large windows, stainless steel appliances, and modern finishes. Renewable energy homes now bring you the ultimate style and comfort. 

Check out the interior of one of our homes: 

Inside photo of a Brite home.

Inside photo of a Brite home.


In addition to solar-powered energy, Brite Homes installs smart home automation, high-performance windows, foam insulation, 15 SEER HVAC systems, and LED lighting to conserve energy. 

Our comprehensive, intelligent design ensures you reduce energy use as much as possible. No more energy leaks! 


Brite Homes ensures the best living environment with:

  • Air-tight windows that allow you to set temperature perfectly
  • Natural lighting that keeps the mood bright
  • High-quality appliances, which equal less maintenance work
  • Advanced air filtering to keep the indoor environment healthy (breathe fresh air!)

Are Brite Homes worth the investment?

Absolutely yes! 

We’re not just saying that because they’re our homes. We have the data to prove our zero energy homes deliver a great return on investment.

First, a change in the home appraisal process is occurring.

“Beginning in 2023, home appraisers will start to appraise the energy efficiency of homes, which will have a significant financial impact on the value of non-energy efficient homeowners. Home appraisal experts tell us the appraised value difference could be 10-15%. For a home valued at $500,000, that’s $50,000 to $75,000,” says Robert Kociecki, President of Brite Homes. 

Second, net zero homes may have a higher initial cost—about 5-10% more than a traditional home. But the energy savings you get more than make up for that cost over the years. 

According to a report from the Rocky Mountain Institute, your higher initial investment is covered by the cost benefits of net zero homes in just 7-14 years (depending on where you live). After that, you’ll be in the positive as long as you live in the home. 

Finally, you can’t forget about the higher resale value. After all, a home is the biggest investment you make. And even though the appraisal process has yet to factor energy efficiency (which begins in 2023), buyers already pay premiums for greater energy efficiency. 

For example, a University of California study of homebuyers across six states found they’re willing to pay a premium of $15,000 for homes with an average-size solar photovoltaic system. That equates to around $4 extra for each watt of solar power. Another study done by the Department of Energy and Institute of Market Transformation found the mean premium for green features to be 3.46%. So, if a non-energy efficient home would sell for $500,000, a similar home with green features would get offers for around $517,300. 

As you can see, it’s worth paying a bit extra for zero energy ready homes, like the ones we build at Brite. Over the years, you’ll save tens of thousands on your utility bills. And when it comes time to sell, you’ll get much more than similar homes without those green features. 

Live Brite today!

So, where can you buy a Brite home? 

As a leading net zero home builder in Florida, we’ve been expanding our markets. We currently have homes in the following cities: 

  • Poinciana
  • Palm Coast
  • Volusia
  • North Port
  • Palm Bay
  • Wedgefield
Outside rendering of a Brite home.

One of our zero energy ready homes in Palm Bay

Want to live in a net zero home in Florida? We can make that happen. And you can live Brite! That means going green while still enjoying all the modern comforts and conveniences. 

To learn more about our net zero homes and what’s available, search our site. And feel free to call us directly at (833) 922-7483 or click the link below.

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