Top 5 Questions About Energy Efficient Homes

Brite Homes Questions & Answers

Making the decision to live more responsibly in order to reduce our carbon footprint is an important and potentially life changing decision. Of course, you have questions about energy-efficient homes and the Brite Homes team is always here to answer them.

First, An Introduction To Brite Homes

Brite Homes began construction of zero energy ready homes in Florida in 2018. They are focused on homes that not only showcase the latest energy-saving solutions, but also feature beautiful design and optimal comfort. Throughout our growth, we’ve remained committed to the Brite lifestyle: convenience, luxury, and sustainability. With all our net zero homes, you get a future-ready residence that will deliver you savings, comfort, and peace of mind for many decades. Today, we’re one of the largest green home builders in Florida. We have a large selection of available zero energy ready homes, with prices starting at just $228,000.

Now, onto your questions. We’ve spent the past six months compiling your questions and making sure our answers are in-line with your needs. Providing you with accurate and honest information will help you determine if our Brite home designs will fit your lifestyle. Going green has definitely become more popular and even trendy. It’s important to understand what it all means and what you can expect with a Brite home. 

Below you’ll find the top 5 most frequently asked questions about Brite Homes’ energy efficient homes:

1. What is a Net Zero home?

Inside photo of a Brite home.

Brite Homes feature LED lighting throughout and advanced home automation.

A net zero home generates as much energy as it uses. Some of these homes may even produce more energy than they consume. A net zero energy ready home is at least 40-50% more energy efficient than a typical home. Energy efficient homes are durable, moisture controlled, comfortable, smart, provide healthy air quality and adaptable. Want to know more? Read our detailed explanation of net zero energy homes.

2. What makes Brite Homes energy efficient?

A Brite home uses smart home automation, high-performance windows, foam insulation, LED lighting and 15-SEER HVAC systems to deliver optimal efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. Learn more about how we build our energy efficient homes.

3. What is spray foam insulation?

Open-cell spray foam insulation.

Open-cell spray foam insulation prevents air flow and maintains peak energy efficiency.

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation and barrier that seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities to prevent air movement. This also includes spaces around electrical outlets, light fixtures and tiny gaps where walls meet windows or doors.

Beyond energy efficiency, spray foam insulation has ancillary benefits, including sound control, deterring mold growth and reducing air flow, and of course, dramatically lowering your monthly energy bills. Brite Homes use open-cell foam for its more breathable, allowing us to more easily identify any potential leaks.

4. What if my solar panels don’t produce enough energy?

Should you choose to add solar panels to your new Brite home, you may produce even more energy than you will consume. 

Outside photo of a Brite home with solar panels.

Brite Homes’ optional solar panels provide the lowest possible monthly energy cost.

Despite generating your own energy, your home remains connected to the electric grid and feeds any surplus electricity to your utility provider. Some local utilities even credit your account for any extra power you supply to their grid. And, when your system doesn’t produce enough electricity for your power consumption needs, your home draws power back from the grid.

5. How much do Brite Homes cost?

We currently offer five different models on scattered lots throughout Central Florida, starting in the low $200,000s. Additionally, we offer a variety of financing options, even starting at no money down.  You can get started by viewing our available properties or applying for financing.

While these are just a small sample of the many questions we get about our net zero, energy efficient Brite Homes every day, we know you probably have many more. That’s why we’ve compiled our Brite Homes Q&A e-Book. Additionally, please visit our Brite Homes news section for more in-depth articles on our net zero homes and energy efficient living.