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What We Offer at Brite Homes
Learn What We Offer at Brite Homes

At Brite Homes, we take our mission seriously: We aim to make green living affordable, stylish, and comfortable.  In 2018, we began our journey as we started building green homes. Today, we’ve become one of the leading net zero home builders in Florida. From Palm Coast to North Port, we’re...

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How to Buy and Finance a Net Zero Home
How to Buy and Finance a Net Zero Home

Looking to buy a net zero home? You’re making a good decision. Zero energy ready homes are the future. After all, there are many benefits of zero energy ready homes, from greater durability and comfort to savings on utilities and a higher resale value. So, how can you buy and...

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Brite Homes Questions & Answers
Top 5 Questions About Energy Efficient Homes

Making the decision to live more responsibly in order to reduce our carbon footprint is an important and potentially life changing decision. Of course, you have questions about energy-efficient homes and the Brite Homes team is always here to answer them. First, An Introduction To Brite Homes Brite Homes began...

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HERS Index: What It Means for the Future of Home Buying and Selling

Why should you pay attention to the HERS Index? Well, as personal finance experts state, a home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Don’t mess it up. That not only entails looking for value, but also buying a home that’s built for the future. This is where home energy...

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Brite Homes Hers Index
HERS Index of Brite Homes & Why It Is Important.

Do you know the HERS Index of your home? You should.  The one thing you should analyze is a home’s Home Energy Rating Score (HERS). This nationally-recognized system measures the energy efficiency of a property. As we noted in our HERS Index guide, everyone has an incentive to pay attention...

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What is the HERS Index?
What Is the HERS Rating Index? Here’s All You Need to Know

As zero energy home builders, we talk a lot about home energy efficiency. But how do you know if a property is energy-efficient or not? Sure, solar panels and LED lighting reduce energy consumption. You certainly want those elements. But air leakage from low-grade windows and drywall could decrease home...

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Grand Opening Interactive Retail Design Studio
DLP Brite Homes Opens Interactive Retail Design Studio

North Port Retail Design Studio to Open in December On Friday, December 6, 2019, DLP Brite Homes, an energy-efficient home builder that offers the latest in sustainability at an affordable price, will open its first Design Studio, offering visitors a fun, hands-on and interactive experience. The Design Center, located at...

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How we build the most energy-efficient homes.
How We Build the Most Energy-Efficient Homes

The US has roughly 5,000 net zero homes on the market, according to the Net-Zero Energy Coalition. Given current policy trends and growing consumer demand, experts estimate the number of green homes will skyrocket in the coming years, provided costs come down.  As a zero energy home builder, we aim...

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Benefits of a Zero Energy Ready Home.
Zero Energy Ready Home – Learn The Benefits

Earn energy credits instead of paying a utility bill. Breathe fresh air 24/7. Combat climate change. And enjoy a durable home designed to withstand the test of time.  Sounds like the life, right?  Anyone has an incentive to live in a zero energy ready home. Benefits abound. And since zero...

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