How We Build the Most Energy-Efficient Homes

How we build the most energy-efficient homes.

The US has roughly 5,000 net zero homes on the market, according to the Net-Zero Energy Coalition. Given current policy trends and growing consumer demand, experts estimate the number of green homes will skyrocket in the coming years, provided costs come down. 

As a zero energy home builder, we aim to take renewable energy homes mainstream. Because Brite Homes began with a mission: to offer the highest standards of energy-efficient homeswithout pricing people out. 

As industry leaders, we aim to educate folks on how to build the most energy-energy efficient homes. Since we’re zero energy home builders, we have a well-rounded perspective on all that goes into designing and constructing a zero energy home

This article details our story, as well as provides insights into how we build our net zero homes. 

How Brite Homes Evolved

Brite Homes started constructing zero energy ready homes in Florida in 2018. Our goal has always been to construct homes that not only showcase the latest energy-saving solutions, but also feature beautiful design and optimal comfort. 

“We constructed our first zero energy ready home in Poinciana in 2018. Since then, we’ve come a long way. We now have 73 homes under construction and 361 with building permits in five different markets in Florida: Poinciana, Palm Coast, North Port, Gainesville, and Palm Bay,” describes Robert Kociecki, President of Brite Homes.

Throughout our growth, we’ve remained committed to the Brite lifestyle: convenience, luxury, and sustainability. With all our net zero homes, you get a future-ready residence that will deliver you savings, comfort, and peace of mind for many decades.

Beautiful inside photo of a Brite home.

Beautiful inside photo of a Brite home.

Today, we’re one of the largest green home builders in Florida. We have a large selection of available zero energy ready homes, with prices starting at just $228,000.

How we build the most energy-efficient homes

It’s not merely solar panels. High-performance green homes begin with proper design and a harmonious system of energy-saving solutions.

As the US Department of Energy explains, homes must meet strict requirements for participation in the Zero Energy Ready Home program. That includes: 

  • Complying with ENERGY STAR for Homes program requirements for: thermal enclosure, water management, and HVAC quality construction
  • Having high-performance windows that meet ENERGY STAR v5.0 and v6.0 specifications
  • Meeting insulation level requirements in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
  • Providing healthy air quality by getting certification for the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program

So, in addition to solar panels providing electricity, green home builders must implement other features to make homes net-zero energy. That includes everything from air-tight construction and a well-insulated attic to ENERGY STAR-certified appliances and LED lighting. 

At Brite Homes, our zero energy ready homes have an ecosystem of features that work together to achieve high-performance. This includes: 

  • Solar powered energy 
  • Smart home automation 
  • Energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, and foam insulation
  • High -quality 15 SEER HVAC systems (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)

We also build from the ground up, ensuring our net zero homes are future-ready. That means the ability to continually upgrade the home. This way, Brite Homes can withstand the test of time and deliver homeowners energy savings, comfort, and luxury for all their days. 

A commitment to quality of life

At Brite Homes, we understand homebuyers have concerns about cost. As research shows, net zero homes cost 5-15% more upfront though that investment comes back to you in the form of lower utility bills. 

We also understand folks have concerns about the quality of life in a net zero home. Does living green mean you have to sweat out the summers? Do you have to bundle up during the winters? 

Here’s the good news: You can live green and enjoy top-notch comfort. And those initial upfront costs will pay for itself quicker than you think. As research from the Rocky Mountain Institute details, net zero homes pay for themselves in 7-14 years (depending on where you live).

At Brite Homes, we’ve been hard at work making green living both affordable and comfortable. Our zero energy ready homes have wonderful features, such as open floor plans, Quartz countertops, covered porches, and a gorgeous landscape. Natural lighting brightens up the living environment and advanced air filtering ensures you breathe clean, healthy air. 

Just look at all the comfortable features you get with one of Brite’s zero energy ready homes. From nine-foot ceilings and wall-to-wall luxury plank flooring to ENERGY STAR appliances, the whole house is designed for maximum comfort. Homes also showcase designer landscaping and come with a 10-year structural warranty You even get security features such as a doorbell camera.

Furthermore, we’ve been getting more efficient as green home builders. Brite’s zero energy ready homes start at just $228,000. Compare that to other net zero homes, which can range from $350,000-$450,000.

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