Shannon Danford

HERS Index: What It Means for the Future of Home Buying and Selling
Why should you pay attention to the HERS Index? Well, as personal finance experts state,...
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Brite Homes Hers Index
HERS Index of Brite Homes & Why It Is Important.
Do you know the HERS Index of your home? You should.  The one thing you...
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What is the HERS Index?
What Is the HERS Rating Index? Here’s All You Need to Know
As zero energy home builders, we talk a lot about home energy efficiency. But how...
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Grand Opening Interactive Retail Design Studio
DLP Brite Homes Opens Interactive Retail Design Studio
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North Port Retail Design Studio to Open in December On Friday, December 6, 2019, DLP...
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How we build the most energy-efficient homes.
How We Build the Most Energy-Efficient Homes
The US has roughly 5,000 net zero homes on the market, according to the Net-Zero...
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Benefits of a Zero Energy Ready Home.
Zero Energy Ready Home – Learn The Benefits
Earn energy credits instead of paying a utility bill. Breathe fresh air 24/7. Combat climate...
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What is a Zero Energy Ready Home
What Is A Zero Energy Ready Home?
A zero energy ready home produces as much energy as it consumes. This leaves residents...
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Personal Care Products
The 20 Best Eco-Friendly Care Products For Women
We’ve become much more conscious of what we put into our bodies. It’s easy to...
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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaners
Learn More About Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaners
The Environmental Working Group examined the safety data of over 1000 ingredients used in commercial...
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Eco-Friendly Pet
9 Tips For The Eco-Friendly Pet Owner
According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), it’s estimated that U.S. households own a...
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