Our mission is to make zero energy homes the new standard of living for all

Founded in 2018, Brite Homes disrupted the home building industry in Florida with our solar powered, zero energy homes.  We set the standard for energy efficiency using renewable energy and cutting edge technology to build homes that require zero energy.

Brite Homes makes it possible for homeowners to not only afford, but save thousands of dollars living sustainably.  We are dedicated to building a future where zero energy homes are the new normal.  This is what drives us as a company.  Building a better future for people, communities and the environment.

Today, Brite Homes is now the leading and fastest growing zero energy, solar powered home builder in Florida.  We build homes all across the sunshine state, building a cleaner future one home at a time.

"We're building on a dream to change the world like the future depends on it"

Oren Segev, Brite Homes Founder and CEO