About Brite Homes

How Brite Homes Evolved

Brite Homes started constructing zero energy ready homes in Florida in 2018. Our goal has always been to construct homes that not only showcase the latest energy-saving solutions, but also feature beautiful design and optimal comfort.

“We constructed our first zero energy ready home in Poinciana in 2018. Since then, we’ve come a long way. We now have 73 homes under construction and 361 with building permits in five different markets in Florida: Poinciana, Palm Coast, North Port, Gainesville, and Palm Bay,” describes Robert Kociecki, President of Brite Homes.

Throughout our growth, we’ve remained committed to the Brite lifestyle: convenience, luxury, and sustainability. With all our net zero homes, you get a future-ready residence that will deliver you savings, comfort, and peace of mind for many decades. Today, we’re one of the largest green home builders in Florida. We have a large selection of available zero energy ready homes, with prices starting at just $228,000.

How We Build The Most Energy-Efficient Homes

It’s not merely solar panels. High-performance green homes begin with proper design and a harmonious system of energy-saving solutions As the US Department of Energy explains, homes must meet strict requirements for participation in the Zero Energy Ready Home program. At Brite Homes, our zero energy ready homes have an ecosystem of features that work together to achieve high-performance. This includes:

  • Solar powered energy
  • Smart home automation
  • Energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, and foam insulation
  • High -quality 15 SEER HVAC systems (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)

We also build from the ground up, ensuring our net zero homes are future-ready. That means the ability to continually upgrade the home. This way, Brite Homes can withstand the test of time and deliver homeowners energy savings, comfort, and luxury for all their days.


At Brite Homes, we understand homebuyers have concerns about their always rising electric cost. The investment you make on our zero energy ready homes comes back to you in the form of lower utility bills. Green living can be affordable.


Brite Homes offers the highest standards of energy-efficient homes at a surprisingly affordable price. Living green no longer means sacrificing style. Our homes showcase the latest energy-saving solutions without compromising beautiful design.


At Brite Homes, we’ve been hard at work making green living both affordable and comfortable. Natural lighting brightens up the living environment and advanced air filtering ensures you breathe clean, healthy air.

What Makes Our Homes Zero Energy Ready?

Our homes showcase the latest energy-saving solutions without compromising beautiful design.