About Brite Homes

How Brite Homes Evolved

Brite Homes has been building homes with a single mindset – “Build a beautiful and affordable, high performing home that includes premium upgrades as standard features and make the cost of ownership economically affordable.”

In 2017, Brite Homes began including several energy-saving features throughout their homes to reduce the cost of ownership. These features, normally costing upwards of $30,000, include a smart home system, spray foam insulation, LED lighting, Energy Star stainless steel appliances, hybrid water heater, Low-E double pane windows, and more. Through trade partnerships we have added Brite automation to all of our homes. This includes; door & window wireless monitoring, wireless HD doorbell camera, smart garage door opener, smart door lock, and a smart thermostat. We are also including 3 years of self monitoring. It is estimated that these changes alone, in ten years, will save homeowners upwards of $20,000.

Brite Homes designs its homes with today’s modern needs. A sleek, open concept design allows for more space and natural light. There are 5 different floor plans to choose from and a variety of finishes, as well.

Brite Homes is fully committed to building a high-quality, high performing, and affordable home through a simple concept – “Total lower cost of ownership.” Brite homeowners have discovered how much more home they can afford to purchase – as much as $20,000 and more! And, the resale of a Bright Home based on its appraisal increases by 10 to 15% vs. a traditional home.

How We Build The Most Energy-Efficient Homes

It’s not merely solar panels. High-performance green homes begin with proper design and a harmonious system of energy-saving solutions As the US Department of Energy explains, homes must meet strict requirements for participation in the Zero Energy Ready Home program. At Brite Homes, our zero energy ready homes have an ecosystem of features that work together to achieve high-performance. This includes:

  • Solar powered energy
  • Smart home automation
  • Energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, and foam insulation
  • High -quality 15 SEER HVAC systems (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)

We also build from the ground up, ensuring our net zero homes are future-ready. That means the ability to continually upgrade the home. This way, Brite Homes can withstand the test of time and deliver homeowners energy savings, comfort, and luxury for all their days.


Brite Homes are built to produce more energy than they consume. They are thoughtfully crafted and engineered to be high performing and energy-efficient through an ecosystem of technologically advanced features, yielding a total lower cost of home ownership. Simply stated, owning a Brite Home is less costly than a standard home while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint.


Brite Homes offers the highest standards of energy-efficient homes at a surprisingly affordable price. Living green no longer means sacrificing style. Our homes showcase the latest energy-saving solutions without compromising beautiful design.


At Brite Homes, we’ve been hard at work making green living both affordable and comfortable. Natural lighting brightens up the living environment and advanced air filtering ensures you breathe clean, healthy air.

What Makes Our Homes Zero Energy Ready?

Our homes showcase the latest energy-saving solutions without compromising beautiful design.