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Experience the perfect blend of affordability and luxury with our energy-efficient home designs boasting expansive rooms, designer-appointed included features, and optional solar power.


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Save Thousands On Energy Bills with Brite Homes

We understand how frustrating it is to spend thousands on energy bills each year, feeling dependent on the grid and helpless in reducing your environmental impact. That’s why we created Brite Homes — an energy-efficient home builder that enables homeowners like you to flip the script with net-zero energy savings.

We believe that sustainable living should be affordable for everyone. As a result, we’re making zero-energy homes the new normal for homeowners.

As the leading zero-energy home builder in Florida since 2018, we’re helping homeowners like you achieve more sustainable and cost-effective living one home at a time.

Discover the Key to Your Ultimate Energy Savings

There’s no need to choose between quality and affordability when you can have both with a Brite Home.

Did you know that our homeowners typically save more than $20,000 in energy costs in 10 years? That’s about $2,000 in savings each year.

Your benefits don’t stop there, though — Brite Homes are also packed with more than $30,000 in built-in upgraded features you won’t find in standard new-home construction.


Minimum Tax Deduction


Annual Utility Savings


Built-In Upgraded Features

Reap the Many Benefits of a Brite Home

At Brite Homes, we believe you deserve a high-quality, affordable dream home. Our homes offer the perfect balance of luxury and affordability, featuring advanced building and construction techniques, open-concept home designs, and designer-appointed features, all at an attainable price.

Explore the premium features included in every Brite Home. Then, browse our gallery for a closer look at each model:

Switching to a net-zero home is equivalent to the environmental impact of:


110 Acres of Forest


2.5 Tons of Waste

gas pump slash

800 Gallons of Gasoline


“One of the most innovative green home builders in Florida. Their energy-efficient homes are designed for the environment as well as the consumer. Great people!”

— Andrew (Palm Coast)

See Where We Build Brite Homes in Florida

Discover the brighter side of homeownership with a net-zero home of your own. Get a Brite Home built in any of these Florida cities:

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